Lyla lyte and the loot tree

Lyla's dream of a new library in Coverfield was just about to come true, until Mayor Crinkle announced that the town was hit was an unexpected financial deficit and the plans for the library were put on hold. Lyla and the Troops can't sit back and do nothing. Along with their new member, Mary Englemouth, they come up with an idea to grow money. But they encounter trouble from someone who returns to Coverfield with plans of winning the upcoming mayoral election, and the Troops are definitley in the way. Will they lose the battle to build a new  library? Or will their efforts turn out fruitful? 

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Lyla lyte and the li'berry fruit

 What if there were no books? Nine-year-old Lyla Lyte can’t use her imagination because she doesn’t know how! There are no books in her hometown of Screenfield…only tubevisions. When her mom tells her that Mayor Crinkle banned reading and buried all of the books, she’s unable to keep the secret to herself. Desperate, Lyla convinces her three best friends, Samantha, Megan, and Nick, to search for them. Instead of finding books, they discover a mysterious seed. Lyla takes the seed home and plants it in her backyard. When it grows, Lyla stumbles upon the biggest surprise of her life, and Screenfield will never be the same! Will Mayor Crinkle find out about the Li’berry Fruit? 

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Where are the animals

 This children’s picture book is bursting with vibrant and colorful illustrations. Children will enjoy and laugh at all kinds of animals in odd and silly places, while being introduced to beginning consonant sounds. 

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